Does your skin get use to skin products?


Does your skin get use to skin products?

Posted by Shannon in Latest News

I’ve heard that you should switch up your skincare products just like your haircare products every so often because your skin gets used to them and they are no longer as effective as they once were.  Is this true?

First of all the comparison between dead keratin and a living organ cannot be made.  that being said there is some relevance to the switching around of skin care products, or more so the switching around of action ingredients.  As a skin care therapist it’s my responsibility to communicate with my client as to the current concerns of their skin, any lifestyle changes, changes in the season as well as upcoming special events.  I’m constantly monitoring and augmenting action ingredients in the home care program.  Most typically as the season changes, we tend to “work” on the skin from fall thru late spring, leaving the warmer summer months for the skin to rest.  Not always the case depending on the clients goals and if their lifestyle permits the use of stronger products in the summer time.  It’s important to keep a rotation of certain ingredients in and out of the program to illicit  specific responses from the skin. that is the role of the professional skincare therapist.  If you’re just randomly switching from line to line and mix matching products, then your’e just “cherry pickin”.

23 Nov 2015